Why Do Breakups Feel like the End of the World?

They left you with a space only they can fill.

You had them, and now you don’t. The space they used to fill in your heart has been replaced with loneliness and despair. You feel empty now. Hollow and indifferent to the world.

You think it’s your fault.

You constantly blame yourself. Although you and your former partner had a fair share of faults, you still think it was yours alone. Even on mistakes that you didn’t do, you automatically think the problem was on you.

The thought of them with someone else physically hurts.

You built your person for someone else. All those healing and teaching each other to be better, they’re going to apply all of those to their next partner. Just the thought of that makes you fall apart.

You lost two people all at once.

They were both your best friend and your partner. You built a friendship out of that relationship and now that they’re not in your life anymore, it feels like you lost a big part of yourself. The person you used to unveil all of your secrets with is now a stranger.

The unwavering belief of hopelessness.

You thought you were finally whole, but history repeated itself. Your whole world left you, and there’s nothing you can do. You’re left all alone, the sadness has convinced you that you’re never going to find the happiness you deserve.

On healing, moving on, and getting better.



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