We Met Through a Matchmaking Service and Had a Long-Distance Relationship

Melanie Kane
3 min readNov 25, 2022


One of the things that discourage people from trying out international matchmaking services is how they are going to make it work with their matches, especially when distance is involved.

Is it worth it to put your heart in the line for someone who is an ocean away?

Instead of giving you spin-off tips from the internet about how to make long distance relationships work, I am going to share with you one of our success stories in the matchmaking industry.

Meet Matt and Tatiana. A blossoming love that started out in one of 1stChoiceDating events.

They are two different people from two different countries, races, and cultures. Going through this journey might have made them realize that they have one specific goal in common that’s going to bind them forever.

Matt works as a security officer. In fact, he is one of our trusted security personnel during our social matchmaking events. After seeing hundreds of bachelors enjoying themselves on our tours and being able to connect to a lot of beautiful ladies on an emotional and mental level, Matt decided to try it for himself. He took the plunge and joined our tours, not as a personnel but as one of our clients.

Tatiana, on the other hand, is a neurosurgeon. As our affiliate would say, “A very suitable partner or girlfriend.” One moment with her and you will see how pretty, kind, and smart she is. People would think that there is no need for her to seek help from a matchmaking agency. But she did it because she thinks that she doesn’t have to confine herself in her country if she wants a shot at a genuine connection with someone.

It was the first time that Tatiana had joined the socials. Matt has been to a few. When Tatiana saw him, she knew she had to find a way to catch his attention. Lucky for her, it was not that difficult. As he turned the other way, he was greeted by a pair of mesmerizing eyes and the sweetest voice he has ever heard paired with a charming accent saying, “hello.”

From that moment on, Matt could not take his eyes and attention away from the Ukrainian lady in front of him. As the night got louder at the merriment of the socials, the two decided to go outside and get to know each other sincerely with just the two of them.

Later on, they both decided to see each other exclusively and started the commitment to fostering a new love. It was difficult, yes, but according to Matt, “…it was definitely worth it. She was worth it.” Matt goes back and forth to Ukraine when opportunity permits or sometimes, the two of them will just schedule a vacation together outside their countries.

They both are leading different lives outside of their dating life. It’s much more difficult considering that it is their first time trying international dating as well. They both had to make sacrifices and compromises and they willingly do so because, for them, they have found their perfect match that they envision spending their life with.

You see, that’s what being in a long distance relationship is all about. It is not going to be easy but it doesn’t mean that it cannot work. The question here is: how much willing are you to put in the actual work?



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