Things Women Don’t Want to Tell Men

Melanie Kane
3 min readJul 11, 2022

Are you clueless about what your partner wants? Does she often say things where she means the opposite?

Women aren’t a big mystery. They often overshare when they’re in the zone. However, they easily notice when you don’t pay attention to them.

That’s when they start to keep things to themselves. When you ignore her, she loses interest in trying to reach her point across. She starts to feel neglected, which keeps her from opening up to you.

So what are the things she holds back from telling you?

She hates having to tell you things repeatedly.

Don’t get her wrong, she doesn’t mind telling you what she wants. It only gets frustrating when you fail to take mental notes. While it’s not wrong to forget some things, she gets annoyed when she has to remind you every time.

She’s actually not “fine.”

No, she doesn’t intend to dismiss the problem. If anything, she’d love to discuss it with you. She only does this to avoid conversations escalating into an argument. But she figured it’d be better to say that “she’s fine” because she’s anxious to be seen as a burden.

She’s sure of what she wants, but she still needs your opinion.

Notice when she asks you to choose between two or more things when she’s shopping or changing. You give her your opinion, but she still ends up choosing the other thing?

She knows what she wants. She’s only asking for your opinion to check if your decision is in line with hers — may it be clothes or actual life decisions. She wants to make you feel included even in the smallest choices she makes.

She wants you to listen.

Avoid making unsolicited advice. She only needs you to listen to her rants — even when they don’t seem like a “big deal” to you. Most of the time, she’s aware of her tendency to be petty.

When this happens, lend her your ear. You don’t have to talk. She will eventually recover.

She hates it when you look at other people.

Do your eyes unconsciously wander while you’re out together? And you notice that she falls silent for no reason?

Then that’s probably the reason why. You may have unintentionally looked at someone or something. If there’s one thing she hates, it’s when you don’t focus on the conversation — especially when you have her full attention when you talk to her.

She wants you to be more romantic.

The gestures don’t have to be grand. Even the smallest things can remind her that you love her — caressing her back, rubbing her hand, and playing with her hair. Although, giving her flowers and gifts would be nice, too.

Telling you this might lose the value of those gestures, so she doesn’t tell you until you realize it yourself.

Women Know You Are Not a Mind Reader

And they’re not expecting you to be one. They often hold back from saying these things as they believe these are harmless to your relationship. Believe them, they don’t intend to hurt or lie to you. They only do these things to avoid making you upset over the unnecessary things that they feel or encounter.



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