These Couples Prove That International Dating Works

1. Brad and Gigi

Brad was 58 at the time when he met Gigi. She was 26. He’s from California while Gigi was from Cebu, the Philippines.

2. John and Gellie

John is from Houston, Texas while Gellie is from Davao, the Philippines. Like Brad and Gigi, they met during a Singles Tour, though that was in a different year.

3. Laurence and Karen

Laurence and Karen married in Salt Lake City after meeting during a Socials event organized by a prominent dating site. He was 57 when he met 24-year-old Colombian, Karen.

It All Starts With a Trip

Every happy moment starts with a decision. These couples all met because of one single trip. They met because they decided to be brave and give international dating a shot.



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