These Couples Prove That International Dating Works

Melanie Kane
3 min readJul 6, 2022


“She’s just after his money.”

“He’s a walking ATM to her.”

These are two of the many things people say whenever they see transnational or interracial couples, especially those that have a wide age gap.

But these couples don’t see themselves that way at all. For them, they are simply two people who fell in love.

I’ve asked couples who come from different backgrounds and countries how they met each other. They were happy enough to share their experiences with me and I’d like to share them all with you as well.

1. Brad and Gigi

Brad was 58 at the time when he met Gigi. She was 26. He’s from California while Gigi was from Cebu, the Philippines.

Brad decided to sign up for a Singles Tour in his search for a wife. A Singles Tour is a specially organized travel tour wherein men are given the opportunity to meet, socialize with, and date women from the country of their destination.

He believed he could find his soulmate abroad, someone who was different from all the women he knew and dated.

And find her he did.

“My goal was a relationship. And I got it. It took a solid year to get her fiance visa. And 5 long years to get her 10 year card. She’s still waiting on citizenship.

It’s a long haul… she’s given me a son. And so much more. Love. Affection and companionship I am blessed with her ability to make friends and I’m included in a great social circle of Americans and their wives.”

They remain happily married to this day.

2. John and Gellie

John is from Houston, Texas while Gellie is from Davao, the Philippines. Like Brad and Gigi, they met during a Singles Tour, though that was in a different year.

John was divorced and had been trying to find a wife for years until he found Gellie.

“An event was happening and I didn’t want to miss it or wait 6 months for another one to come so I just jumped on a plane and there I was.

I saw this girl standing in the lobby and I was thinking to myself ‘I hope that’s her’.”

John was initially scheduled to meet someone else that day, but instead met Gellie.

Gellie said, “He’s really caring and really loving. He really accepts me for who I am. He even accepts my family too, really loving them the way I love them.”

They have been married for a few years now and are raising their child together now.

3. Laurence and Karen

Laurence and Karen married in Salt Lake City after meeting during a Socials event organized by a prominent dating site. He was 57 when he met 24-year-old Colombian, Karen.

“I met my Barranquilla Beauty in 2008. We dated for 3 years, applied for a visa, then got married in Salt Lake City on December 18th, 2010. My wife Karen has her green card and we just celebrated our first anniversary. WE COULDN’T BE HAPPIER!”

Like all men his age, he too had trouble trying to find a date. Women under the age of 50 wouldn’t even give him a second glance.. But thanks to the site, he met Karen who he fell in love with.

“ I learned Spanish, wrote love songs for her and we spent many wonderful nights together on the beaches of Cartagena.

”I found my true love through the site, a beautiful woman who loves me more than I ever thought possible, a treasure forever.”

They continue to sing love songs to each other to this day. This time, with their children.

It All Starts With a Trip

Every happy moment starts with a decision. These couples all met because of one single trip. They met because they decided to be brave and give international dating a shot.

No, they weren’t after money or walking ATM’s. They decided that their love did not depend on what other people thought. They did it to find someone that they can spend their lives with.

International dating has worked for countless couples. It could work for you. If you would like to know more about the latest Singles Tour schedule, then click the link in my bio.



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