Society Doesn’t Care about Men’s Issues

Melanie Kane
3 min readDec 27, 2022


Society doesn’t fail to drill it into all of our heads that women have it so bad in the modern world. We’re constantly “educated” about things like body positivity and fat acceptance because girls are so depressed and insecure about their looks that it’s a national tragedy,


Why doesn’t anyone want to talk about the fact that men also have their own insecurities? Their own body image issues? How guys who want to improve their image are told that they’re being insecure and childish?

Why not talk about guys who want to better understand women in order to have better sexual success, but are being told they’re being “entitled” and misogynistic? Or that guys are expected to be stoic and not let their hardships show less or they lose the respect of the people around them?

Why not talk about the fact that men also suffer from domestic violence and sexual assault? That men form the biggest demographic of unemployment and homelessness?

Why doesn’t anyone care that men are people with human needs and that prolonged periods of bullying, sexual rejection, and loneliness produce nothing good for their mental and emotional health?

That men even kill themselves over these issues because they can no longer deal with them?

In short, why doesn’t society empathize enough with men?

This is a sentiment of a man who’s been fed up with the unfair treatment of society toward men. While this is a personal experience, this is an ugly truth that we are facing today.

Men are often torn between showing vulnerability and projecting confidence because no matter what they do, they are still judged by it.

For instance, men who are vulnerable are deemed weak, whereas confident men reek of ego and narcissism.

There’s no way out. Men can’t win.

Society doesn’t empathize enough with men.

I know someone who is experiencing problems but won’t ever go to women for help for one reason — most women won’t listen.

He had lots of girl friends, but not one had taken the time to listen and empathize with him. Instead, they blamed him for being too sensitive.

And I know for a fact that this isn’t an isolated incident. How many men are being shut off for being open and honest with their feelings?

Admit it or not, we know that these men have been crying and pleading for society to accept them. But, what happened? They are ridiculed and beaten down.

No wonder they are shutting themselves off from the world and hiding their emotions from us. We find it so easy to shame them because they are raised to be “tough.”

Well, guess what? Like women, they also experience rollercoasters of emotions. They’re not “babies” for being expressive, they’re just humans and that’s what everyone fails to see.

Stop invalidating men.

Men or women, all our grievances should be heard. Indeed, women have problems and they need help. However, let’s start considering men because this world is not a picnic for them either.



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