Ready to Pop the Question? Here’s How to Do It Right

Keep it personal

Wedding proposals have long been a big deal, but with social media, it’s almost getting out of hand. Everyone’s been feigning over grand proposals that look like they came straight out of a fairy tale — almost as if the proposal was done to trend and not really for your woman.

Keep your ring safe and concealed

First things first, don’t propose empty-handed, aka, ringless. As the time to propose draws nearer, don’t let the ring slip out of your hands, jacket, or pocket. It should be within reach in case you decide to pop the question spontaneously.

Talk to her parents

For most women, gaining their parents’ approval means a lot. It will make her real happy if you inform and invite them to witness you kneel down on one knee and ask for her hand.

Don’t let too many people know

Proposals are, for the most part, once-in-a-lifetime events, so it’s understandable you get overwhelmed and ask too many people to help with the planning. However, be careful not to spill the beans to gossipy people.

Prepare backup plans

Everything’s ready and perfect until mother nature decides to let it rain the same day you plan to propose outdoors. Or, she’s already at your proposal venue, but you’re still stuck in traffic because of an unforeseen accident.



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