Oystering Is the New Dating Trend

Melanie Kane
3 min readMay 30, 2022


Did you recently get out of a toxic relationship? Are you currently single and looking for a new potential life partner? Well, there’s no need to worry because the world is your oyster.

A new dating trend has caught the interest of dating enthusiasts around the world. Amazingly, it’s not another nightmare that will make you more cautious about dating. Instead, it’s a more wholesome trend that celebrates being single and promotes living the single life to the fullest.

It’s called Oystering.

What is Oystering?

Oystering is the term used to empower people who recently ended their relationships. It is derived from the saying, “The world is your oyster. You can achieve anything and go wherever you want to because you can.”

In the context of dating, it refers to the act of living life without the limitations of a relationship. It is used by singles to motivate them into getting back into the dating world.

The term became mainstream after Sophia Mann, Badoo’s Global Dating Expert, said it was the hottest trend in dating. After taking a look at it, I also came to the same conclusion — singles want to date.

How Does It Impact the Community?

Sophie tells us that “Dating is daunting after a relationship, but it doesn’t need to be.” She also goes on to say that dating is fun, and what better way to get over your ex than having fun?

The impact of this trend has given plenty of singles the confidence to dive back into the dating pool. Gone are the days of looking at photos of you and your ex and quietly sipping tea in your room. (That was a bit sad.)

Instead, 2022 will become ground zero for plenty of singles post-breakup. I’m also super excited to see new relationships come to life. Lasting relationships are fulfilling, and breakups are there to help you set your standards.

The Possible Backlash?

Like any trend, there might be a possible backlash from the hype. I hope that most of these singles looking to date again won’t put too much pressure on the rookies on the online dating scene.

  • Veteran daters might set the bar too high when looking for potential partners. What this means is a possibility of people who are new to online dating getting overwhelmed by the veterans.
  • There might also be cases of trauma dumping. It’s when a person unloads all of their emotional burden on a person to keep them from leaving because of guilt or fear of being lashed out.
  • What I’m truly afraid of is when those who came out of a relationship have intentions to abuse another unsuspecting victim. Most people just want to do it out of curiosity and to feel the control they lost when it happened to them.

No Need to Worry

In any case, there are both pros and cons to this new dating trend. After all, Oystering is meant to empower those who came from breakups. It’s their chance to have fun and enjoy the thrill of dating again.

We have to accept that we’re not in control of everything, and we shouldn’t control everything. We must let the world become our oyster and cherish every step of the way in the relationship. Stay safe and happy dating!



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