On the Bright Side: Traveling to 3rd World Countries

Melanie Kane
4 min readOct 24, 2022


The term “third world country” is often used as a negative. But as they say, you’ll get no better education than by traveling. And it’s when you travel to these “third world countries” that you gain a fresh and optimistic view of life.

Once you step foot in places thousands of miles from your home, you’ll get to observe different traditions, languages, and ways of overcoming hardships.

You’ll take everything you learn with you and come back home as a better person.

If you’re from the U.S., spending time overseas makes you appreciate living in a developed nation even more as you realize how privileged you are.

There are 152 countries considered as “third world” or developing nations. And while there is so much beauty to discover among their landscapes and people, the reality is that there is still a lot of income inequality, poverty, and pollution.

If you see these things firsthand, you’ll appreciate having the opportunity to attain the “American Dream.”

Like any country in the world, there are upsides and downsides. But what you do with your experience matters the most.

Visiting developing regions gives you tons of cultural experiences you’ll remember for a lifetime. You’ll be exposed to different cultures and lifestyles, which will help you develop stronger friendships with people of all backgrounds. Who knows, like many others, you just might find your soulmate there.

Even if you’re not fluent in the language, people in third-world countries are still generally friendly and welcoming to foreigners. With globalization, studies show a rapid increase in transnational marriages in places like Asia as travelers seek foreign love with the help of institutions or matchmakers.

For single parents looking for love, widows, or even bachelors who are tired of local dating, traveling to developing countries is also a way to enter the dating landscape at an international level. Here are more things to consider on why you should travel to third-world countries:

1. Cheaper than living in America

Living in developing nations is significantly cheaper than living in the United States. Rent, utilities, insurance, and healthcare generally cost less, especially if you convert your dollars to their local currency. If you’re looking into investing in real estate, you can take advantage of the affordable housing markets in places like Vietnam, Bolivia, and Indonesia.

2. Friendlier people

You will find that most developing nations have collectivistic societies, at the same time being open-minded and welcoming to foreigners.

For example, the Philippines is known to be one of the friendliest countries as they are welcoming to tourists who they also believe help elevate their economy.

You’ll find that many of these people can speak basic English and even if you do not speak their language you can still communicate effectively.

As long as you follow the local customs and norms, you will be treated with respect. Even if you’re just visiting, you won’t feel afraid of walking down the street alone since you’re surrounded by friendly locals.

3. Rich cultural heritage

When traveling, you’ll discover fascinating remnants of the past. Many third-world countries have been colonized at some point in their histories. You’ll learn about how the country was founded, what its current political climate is, what kind of government is in place, its unique traditions, cultural artifacts, historical monuments, etc.

While some social practices may seem old-fashioned, you’ll gain cultural awareness by knowing the story behind them. Hence, try exploring both the growing urbanization and the beautiful countryside, mountains, rivers, beaches, and wildlife.

Also, spend time exploring local parks and museums. Get to know the country’s history by talking to the locals, browsing historical sites, and browsing online forums.

4. Diversity

If you’re willing to venture outside of your comfort zone, you can discover different cultures and languages everywhere you go. It’s an opportunity to discover the incredible diversity of humanity.

5. Amazing food

Food is abundant, cheap, and flavorful in third-world nations. If you want affordable options for travelers, the street food culture is your best bet without breaking the bank.

Just be careful if you have a sensitive stomach because sometimes proper hygiene in food preparation is not fully met in these food markets. Still, the cheapest places have surprisingly tasty and filling cuisine.

6. Opportunities for New Experiences

When you visit emergent nations, you’ll experience something you’d otherwise never have access to in your locality.

Aside from meeting new people, you’ll witness natural wonders and rich biodiversity in most of these tropical developing regions.

Traveling is an adventure and there aren’t any limits to what you can accomplish, even if it’s in third-world countries. Ultimately, you’ll meet new people and make new memories while forming lifelong friendships and even romantic connections along the way.



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