Making a Long Distance Relationship Work

Melanie Kane
3 min readSep 5, 2022

To this day, many people still doubt that long-distance relationships work. Sorry to disappoint the ill-wishers, but two people can maintain healthy, lasting relationships from different borders.

It would be a lie to say it’s never hard or even unsatisfying, especially in the first few days or months. It requires serious work and commitment, but what’s a little sacrifice for a love that makes you happy and whole?

Don’t fear if you happen to fall in love with someone living more than five hundred miles away. Here are some tips to help you navigate through long-distance relationships successfully.

Stay committed

“Love is not enough.” This mantra proves to be true when dealing with LDR.

Many couples fail to survive spending time apart because they’re not committed enough in the relationship. They love each other so dearly — yes, but they don’t trust their partner or the process enough.

If you’re committed to the relationship, you’ll stay loyal, trusting, and willing to make time in your day and night to talk or facetime with your significant other. You promised to stay ‘’til you both see each other again, so you’ll keep it. And even when you’re oceans apart, you’re committed to keeping the fire between you burning.

Discuss everything

Staying connected and maintaining emotional support are the most important ingredients of a healthy, lasting, long-distance relationship.

Keep in touch and discuss everything under the sun. Check on their physical, mental, and emotional state every time you’re free. This will ensure that you’re both still on the same page, despite the different time zones.

And when you feel something feels off or distant, or they’re displaying signs of drifting away, talk about it. It’s important everything is clear between you, even if it means clarifying that the relationship is at its near end.

Maintain communication

but don’t force it.

While maintaining communication and staying connected plays a crucial role in surviving an LDR, it shouldn’t feel like an obligation you’re forcing yourself to adhere to.

Some days you don’t feel like talking, or you’re too exhausted for the day. That’s completely fine. LDRs require a lot (and I mean a lot), of understanding and patience. Just make sure you’ll compromise, makeup, and show appreciation to your partner for being understanding.

Opting out of phone calls and skype chats only becomes a problem when it becomes a routine and you’re taking your partner for granted.

It’s okay to prioritize yourself every once in a while, but don’t forget that there’s a person you’re committed to love, connect with, and support in the other part of the globe.

Have something to look forward to

At the beginning of your relationship, you should be clear — no matter how hard it is, if there’s something to look forward to.

For an LDR to work, you need to make sure that you’ll be physically together someday — that the distance is only temporary.

The fact that you’ll see each other again in a few months or years basically holds you two together. It could be you, visiting them at home, or the other way around. It could be a vacation trip together, or the day you’ll finally move in and end your logistic problems.

Stay optimistic

A lot of things can go uncertain in an LDR. The longer you wait, the more questions linger in your mind. “Is this all worth it?” “Are we still on the same page?” “Am I only fooling myself that this will work?”

Feeling this way is reasonable. But if you’re committed to making things work, you’ll stay positive — trusting the process. You’ll choose to look at things in a brighter light.

You’ll face every day thinking that some loyal folk from the other side of the world misses and can’t wait to see you. And you’ll use your time apart to grow and prepare yourself for when you finally meet.



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