How to Date a Single Mom

What You Need to Know When You Date Her

1. Her kids are first priority, not you

If her kids don’t have a babysitter for the night, there is no way you’re getting a date.

2. Your world will be forced to revolve around her kids too

As stated above, you won’t be able to get a date with her without thinking about her kids first. You’ll also find yourself planning for the kids in the long run, even if you don’t have a date with her.

3. You won’t have many private moments with her

Because of the children, you might have to think twice before you plan something special with her. Or at the very least, plan it with the possibility of the kids coming along.

4. Expect some of your dates to get canceled

Sometimes your dates will be interrupted by the kids. Emergency situations can’t be avoided, and you can’t just tell her to stop being a mom. She will be thinking about them, even as you spend time getting to know each other in a restaurant.

5. If her kids don’t like you, your dating life will be hard

Even if she says she loves you no matter what her children feel, their dislike for you will still get in the way.

Dating Her Takes Commitment

You should know that single moms don’t date to mess around.



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