How Do You Know If They Are “The One”

You can freely express yourself around them.

Your connection is more than superficial.

Discussions don’t lead to arguments.

Conversations with them feel light and easy. You agree with them most of the time, but when disagreements arise, they don’t lead to heavy arguments.

Their past remains in their history.

Everyone has gone through failure and disappointment at some point in their lives. When you commit to a serious relationship, anyone from their dating history should not be part of the picture regardless of their current relationship. Your baggage from the past should remain where it belongs and should not be projected on your relationship. Your partner should be mature enough to maintain their boundaries between his past and talk about them appropriately without disrespecting you.

You both have individual lives.

When you start dating, you expect to do things together that you used to do alone. While that helps strengthen your bond as a couple, it is important to have healthy independence that doesn’t disrespect your relationship.

People close to you approve of your relationship.

Other people’s validation may seem unimportant to some, but being with someone whom your friends and family approve of is a great sign that you’re with the right person.

There’s no more second-guessing, you just automatically know.

Sometimes, your mind plays tricks with you. It creates false perceptions of the person you like. As a result, you fall in love with your idea of them rather than the actual person.



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