Going against the Tide: Why Do Many Women Marry Older Men?

Why is this so?

Older men have financial security.

There’s no denying that some men over 40 are wealthier and more established (career-wise) than those younger. Women yearn for a capable man to provide them with a secure future before forming a family.

Older men uphold chivalry.

Older men tend to have traditional mindsets with “old school” behavior. Hence, they generally uphold the role of being a gentleman and retain the bare minimum, such as being polite.

Older men are mature.

Women marry older men because they believe that not only do they have money, but they’re wise, charming, and capable of making them feel special. Mature men exude class and confidence from how they dress or conduct themselves, making them more attractive.

Older men know how to commit.

Women believe that older men are the type who are committed to staying with them for the long haul. They are ready to settle down.



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