Dating a Girl with Trust Issues: How to Earn Her 100% Trust

1. Be yourself

Show her your true colors. Never lie about being someone you’re not. That would be deceiving.

2. Trust her first

You can’t demand trust if you’re incapable of giving it. Confide with her your secrets, fears, and the dreams you wish to achieve. Give her your full confidence when she’s out without you, or simply try not to check out her phone. Show her your trust so she can be the same towards you.

3. Be consistent

Keep your behavior consistent. You can’t be with her for a few days and then disappear the next week without notice. She can’t trust someone who keeps changing his mind or treats her differently when situations change.

4. Keep your promises

Nothing breaks someone’s trust more than unkept promises. If you break your promise once, you may or may not regain her trust. Break her promise twice, and you’ll never see her shadow.

5. Make your intentions clear

Don’t give her a chance to doubt or question your intentions. Don’t play guessing games. Tell her how you feel, and how you intend to keep earning her trust.

6. Keep your distance from other girls

There’s nothing wrong with maintaining friends with the opposite sex. But you should know your boundaries. Going out with female friends may seem harmless, but that’s not how it’ll look to a girl with trust issues. More so when you casually check out other girls.



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