Can a Single Dad Still Get a Foreign Lady to Date Him?

Melanie Kane
3 min readJun 9, 2022

The answer is yes.

A single dad can definitely get a foreign woman to date him. In fact, single dads with children who have happy/healthy relationships with them are very desirable to a lot of women.

Many foreign women are attracted to a man who can take care of his child. A man with a soft side is a definite green flag to many women.

Having a child doesn’t mean your chances are shot. It could even mean you’re a step ahead of the game.

Why Women Want to Marry Single Dads

1. They see a man with devotion, compassion, and commitment

Some men take the easy way out and leave their kids with the mom. After all, that’s a lot for them to take. On top of focusing on your career, you’d have to cook, change the diapers, clean and raise the children. That’s a lot of work and most men are just not up to the bat.

But for a man to take on the rough path? That shows loyalty and reliability.

2. A single dad will work hard in his second marriage for the children

If a man is devoted to his children, he will do everything in his power to make sure they don’t lose another mother figure. So women know that a single dad will take care of them and treat them way better than most men will.

Foreign women, especially those that are single mothers themselves, know this. So it’s safe to say they’re more likely to gravitate towards single fathers as well.

3. They enjoy seeing the nurturing and parenting skills a single dad possesses

Nothing warms a woman’s heart more than seeing a dad in action.

They can’t help but fall in love with a man who prioritizes his own children. His nurturing side makes him more desirable to women because they know he will treat them with the same tenderness.

Plus, if they decide to have more children together, it’s assuring to know he’ll be a good father to them as well.

4. They like being his solace and comfort after a day of parenting

Having children can emotionally drain a man. And because of that, he has neither the time nor patience to be playing around.

He spends most of his energy raising his children, so he will want to find comfort and solace in his partner’s arms. And that kind of thing is what women love. They thrive on the emotional maturity of a man who spends his everything for his children.

To women, being able to help their man relax after a day of being the best dad in the world makes them feel good. They are reassured that the man they are with is the ideal husband they want to be with.

Women Want Husband-Material Men

Women will always look for the right kind of man they want to be with forever. They don’t just want to settle with anyone. So if they want a reliable guy that can love them properly, they’ll be okay with a single dad.

So don’t think that having a kid is an obstacle to finding new love. Lots of women, foreign especially, are into men like you. You just need to put yourself out there so they can reach you.



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