Can a Single Dad Still Get a Foreign Lady to Date Him?

Why Women Want to Marry Single Dads

1. They see a man with devotion, compassion, and commitment

Some men take the easy way out and leave their kids with the mom. After all, that’s a lot for them to take. On top of focusing on your career, you’d have to cook, change the diapers, clean and raise the children. That’s a lot of work and most men are just not up to the bat.

2. A single dad will work hard in his second marriage for the children

If a man is devoted to his children, he will do everything in his power to make sure they don’t lose another mother figure. So women know that a single dad will take care of them and treat them way better than most men will.

3. They enjoy seeing the nurturing and parenting skills a single dad possesses

Nothing warms a woman’s heart more than seeing a dad in action.

4. They like being his solace and comfort after a day of parenting

Having children can emotionally drain a man. And because of that, he has neither the time nor patience to be playing around.

Women Want Husband-Material Men

Women will always look for the right kind of man they want to be with forever. They don’t just want to settle with anyone. So if they want a reliable guy that can love them properly, they’ll be okay with a single dad.



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