Boundaries You Need to Set In Your Relationship

Emotional Boundaries

To establish emotional boundaries, you need to honestly communicate your thoughts and feelings with your partner. Like when you’re upset, tell them how you’d like to be treated. They may be doing things they thought will help you feel better but actually frustrates you more.

Personal space

Even with being in a relationship, personal space should not be taken for granted. Like when you’re stressed from work, you want them to let you zone out. That you’d appreciate them not invading your personal space where you’re trying to distress.

Sexual Boundaries

Sexual boundaries are crucial, especially if you come from different cultural background. Some level of intimacy might be okay with you but could be a big deal to them. You’ll never know if you’ve already crossed the line if there are no boundaries set.

Financial Boundaries

At some point in your relationship, financial matters must be discussed. It will never be off the table if you plan on settling down with them someday. And when your beliefs don’t align, you’ll find yourself fighting about money.



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