4 Researched-Based Reasons Why Couples Break Their Marriage Vows

Why are wedding vows broken?

Experts say that it’s mainly because of unfulfilled expectations in a marriage. Everyone has relationship needs and wants.

1. Criticism

Clashing views and complaints are inevitable between unique individuals. However, a healthy relationship is easily destroyed by negative comments.

2. Contempt

This can manifest in different forms, including sarcastic comments targeted towards you and your susceptibility to emotional abuse. This entails holding a grudge over your partner as you’re deemed to be in an inferior position.

3. Defensiveness

It’s feeling threatened by your partner’s criticism. You try to protect yourself from their attacks and defend your point of view by overexplaining or taking on the victim mentality.

4. Stonewalling

Stonewalling is refusing to talk and withdrawing from topics that upset you. This is due to physiological flooding from the stress that triggers the survival instinct to lose the drive for problem-solving as you flee from dealing with problems.



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